The one that got away when taking a family fishing last summer.

Taking a Family Fishing with kids can be rewarding, and disappointing.

Took a great family fishing last summer.  They were staying at the Lakehead Boat Basin RV park, and we met the evening before, and I happened to have a trip available the next morning.  We left the dock, at 06:00 and motored out under the Duluth Areal Lift Bridge.  It was like all other mornings, the sun was just peaking over the horizon, lighting up the sky a beautiful golden orange color.  Once past the pier heads, we motored to our fishing spot just out from the Lester River.  We set lines in 100 feet of water, it was later in the summer, so we were using down-riggers and copper lines at this point.  Also had a couple dipsey divers for good measure.

The bite was good this morning, and we were filling the box up nicely with Lake Trout, and an eater walleye.  When all of a sudden one of the down-riggers started screaming!  It was a salmon, the kid was set on catching a salmon, but it wasn’t working out this morning.  The disappointment is real, as seen in the video above, but it is a good lesson to learn.  You can’t win them all, this just means he will have to come back fishing again to catch the ones that got away.  Besides he was able to catch a trophy walleye on this trip what more can you ask for?

It is always great family fishing, you meet so many great people, and the genuine excitement of children is incomparable.

Tight Lines,

-Capt. Parker

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