How to Clean a Burbot (Eelpout)

With its slimy skin and tendency to wrap itself around your arm, the burbot is considered by many anglers to be the “ish” of fish. But this cousin to the saltwater cod, commonly known as eelpout, is a remarkable predator that is excellent to eat.

The burbot looks like a cross between an eel and a catfish. It has a long body with smooth skin and a single whisker under its chin.

Burbot spawn in the month of February, and can be targeted by anglers through the Ice.  Besides being great table fair, burbot are a lot of fun to catch.  Target burbot using jigging raps, moonshine shiver minnows, buck shot spoons, and other glow baits.  Put a minnow head on the bait, and some stinky fish scent (I personally use Dr. Juice Fish Attractants).  Fishing is best at dusk into the evening, be prepared for a late night if you want to take a haul of fish home.

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