Safety on Lake Superior

Some days are just too rough to get out on the water, and this past Wednesday was one of those days.  Thought it would be a better day to stay on shore and take some pictures of Lake Superior instead.  She is beautiful all year around and can show here raw power on days like this.

Lake Superior is a body of water you do not want to treat lightly, it deserves our respect.  The weather on Lake Superior is unpredictable, keeping this in mind,  Safety has to always be your number one goal, watch the weather when venturing out on Lake Superior, make sure your electronics are in working order, and always have your safety equipment.  Using good judgement and a little commonsense can go a long way to ensure that you always are safe on the big lake.  Here is a checklist of safety equipment you should always have aboard your vessel.

  1. Life Jackets and Throw-able
  2. Marine Flares
  3. Marine Radio (to call in emergencies)
  4. Compass/GPS
  5. Fire extinguisher
  6. Sound Producing Device (horn or whistle)
  7. Navigation Lights
  8. Sea Anchor
  9. Tool Kit
  10. Extra Clothing

The Great Lakes can be a very rewarding fishery and provide beautiful scenery as long as these simple precautions are taken.  Safe boating this summer and tight lines!

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